Summers Custom Quilts

Hmmm well I may have gotten excited using the mosaic maker again!

I thought I’d quickly share two fun commissioned quilts I had over the summer, firstly this little Sarah Jane quilt.


I don’t normally stick to one fabric line for a quilt so this one was a nice change of pace 🙂  My customer had found the pattern and fabrics so just wanted someone to whip it together for her, I happily obliged!

The second I’d like to share came about as a customer had seen one of my other quilts but wanted it in a larger size. The original & inspiration –


The derivative –


I keep referring to this quilt as my ice cream quilt because of the colours, so many pretty shades. Circular quilting was a first for me but most assuredly not a last as I love how it looks and it was actually pretty fun to quilt too!


Both of these quilts are now with their new owners and I’m happy to say are both loved.


Crickets and tumbleweed!

That chirping noise rattling around my little corner of the internet was the crickets taking over for the summer. The least I can do after evicting Jiminy is let you guys know what I’ve been up to!

It has been a summer of pets, tattoos, cake, sunny walks and tall ships so for this first catch up post I’ll share just that.


Wildflowers, tattoo’s, tall ships and sweet treats (That Echino quilt finally got an outing too!)



Yup more cake, kitties, Mac, and yet another Japanese sewing book



And just because I love them here’s some more photos of the critters 🙂



I’m off now to sort out my iPhoto library so that I can “show and tell” some of the summers sewing, I hope October is treating you well!


Bee Adventurous March – April

Julies Bee Block.jpg

The Postman brought Julie’s block all the way from Ruth in Sweden and apparently I was too excited by its arrival to iron the postage creases out of it before putting it up on my design wall and taking a photo – Sorry about that!

I love the colours of this, right now, mini quilt top. It is managing to be fresh and calm at the same time and with its modern prints and classic patchwork it is very much a lovely juxtaposition to work with.

After disappearing down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest I think I have some suitable ideas for additions to it. Julie has said she is happy for her quilt to grow in a more organic way than a traditional medallion quilt with its structured rounds, so I have plenty of space to play! I’ll let you low how it comes on before it goes on the next leg of its journey at the end of April.


Stash Bee March

For the March round in Stash Bee RobinSue asked us to make this lovely confetti style block with a low volume background and small pops of colour.


It is great as a scrap buster and her pattern was very easy to follow so a  Win Win for me!

I was pretty surprised at how much my scrap bin had multiplied, I have my own theories about scraps being related to rabbits, I can see a few scrap quilts making their way under my needle over the summer…once I’ve organised them into usable shapes!


Bee Adventurous an Instagram bee

Instagram is great for many reasons and if you’re a regular you’ll know theres a bit of a fuss at the moment regarding how they are planning on showing our photos. A lot of quilters have opened accounts with Ello which, I think, is worth a look. You can post photos with a large volume of text so I can see a lot of people using it for blogging, it’s a little confusing to navigate at first and much easier on a computer than a phone but it does seem like a friendly community over there.

Getting back to Instagram though, I’ve joined a lovely group of ladies in a year long round robin type bee. In January I posted off a block along with a little book to accompany it on its travels. Every couple of month it will travel to a new quilter to add a round to it in her own style and by January next year it will have made its way back to me.

This is the block I sent out

My bee block.jpg

I do love a spiky New York Beauty block, I’ve already seen some of the additions made to it and I am totally in love with how it’s shaping up!

The lovely ladies I’m working with throughout the year are

Julie Blogs at Button-button

Sandra Ruby loves red

Clare Selfsewn

Rebecca Instagram page

Ruth Instagram page

Sonia Instagram page

As you can see I’m working with some amazing quilters, truth be told I’m a little blown away by the work they produce!


House warming!

Welcome to my new corner of the web. To my old friends thank you for following along with the move and if your new here you’re welcome to pull up a chair and stay a while.

Well what can I say about WordPress…It ain’t Blogger thats for sure! Sitting here drafting this post I’ve got more options and doodads to press than I’ve ever clapped eyes on, so it will make for a steep learning curve and some interesting shenanigans!

I’ve made the decision to start posting before I finished the final layout so over the next few weeks you should see this space become more homely with a real blog header, posts imported over from my old blog and actual regular posts *Gasp* I know, I know but given my break from blogging I actually have some things to post about. My design wall runneth over so to speak, I’m in a couple of fun sewing bee’s and I have some juicy custom made quilts I’d love to share too. So I have high hopes for regular content!

So if you’d like to follow me here I’ve set up a “Follow me” button on the top right of the screen, that allows my posts to be delivered straight to your inbox or if you use the likes of Bloglovin’ scroll through to my next post for a direct link 🙂

Pixelated heart quilt

So until I get this space prettied up here is a photo of a recent pixelated heart quilt that will be traveling off to it’s new home later on today.