Summers Custom Quilts

Hmmm well I may have gotten excited using the mosaic maker again!

I thought I’d quickly share two fun commissioned quilts I had over the summer, firstly this little Sarah Jane quilt.


I don’t normally stick to one fabric line for a quilt so this one was a nice change of pace 🙂  My customer had found the pattern and fabrics so just wanted someone to whip it together for her, I happily obliged!

The second I’d like to share came about as a customer had seen one of my other quilts but wanted it in a larger size. The original & inspiration –


The derivative –


I keep referring to this quilt as my ice cream quilt because of the colours, so many pretty shades. Circular quilting was a first for me but most assuredly not a last as I love how it looks and it was actually pretty fun to quilt too!


Both of these quilts are now with their new owners and I’m happy to say are both loved.


Summer selfish sewing!

It turns out that over the summer I had taken hundreds of project photos even though I wasn’t blogging, so in an effort to avoid crashing the internet with individual photos I’ve continued to mosaic them.


Wiksten Tank dress, Tula’s 100 blocks and a whole lot of feathers!

My selfish sewing has mainly been what you can see above. At the end of the summer I joined in with the IG sew along Tulas 100 blocks, based on her pattern book 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. It was a blast to play along using up my Cotton and Steel scraps but I did have to bow out gracefully due to Etsy and Bee commitments, that said once I have a little more time only hands I’ll pick these back up and carry on as they are really fun to make.


Tula Pink 100 Modern Quilt Blocks, some of my fave blocks so far

I’ve also had a whole lot of Anna Maria Horner feather blocks taking up space on my design wall for months! I have an idea for an improv style quilt and am slowly, with the help of some bee mates, getting there with it.


Not the best photo sorry, but you can see how they are coming along :)

Not the best photo sorry, but you can see how they are coming along 🙂

Lastly is my Octopus Wiksten Tank Dress, I kind of love it! The fit is awful- all my own fault but I love the fabric so it has been relegated to a “slopping about the house with leggings on” dress and as such there are no photos of me wearing it to share hehehe!



Crickets and tumbleweed!

That chirping noise rattling around my little corner of the internet was the crickets taking over for the summer. The least I can do after evicting Jiminy is let you guys know what I’ve been up to!

It has been a summer of pets, tattoos, cake, sunny walks and tall ships so for this first catch up post I’ll share just that.


Wildflowers, tattoo’s, tall ships and sweet treats (That Echino quilt finally got an outing too!)



Yup more cake, kitties, Mac, and yet another Japanese sewing book



And just because I love them here’s some more photos of the critters 🙂



I’m off now to sort out my iPhoto library so that I can “show and tell” some of the summers sewing, I hope October is treating you well!


Looking back at May

IMG_1273 IMG_1575 IMG_1301 IMG_1300

May has been filled with walks through the park and flowers!

IMG_1214 IMG_1333 IMG_1286 IMG_1384

Fast finishes and labours of love (and much much swearing, I’m looking at you single girl quilt!!)

IMG_1556 IMG_1557 IMG_1361 IMG_1279

Etsy orders and bee blocks made an appearance too!

Snugglebugs Sialaxy Helios and Elianne IMG_1342 IMG_1295

But mostly May has been about pets, spending time with them, loving on them and trying to get them not to sit on the back of the sofa!

Scrap busting and Quilt As You Go

I imagine the quilters reading will appreciate what I mean when I say sometimes I like to start and finish a sewing project in one day. My habit is to pin blocks I like and tutorials I find interesting to my Pinterest account to refer back to when I need inspiration or a quick make. So once I decided I needed a quick break from King sized quilt making I headed over to Pinterest and had a look for a fun project to make. I found this one from the lovely ladies at Plush Addict and knew I’d found my afternoons sewing!

Patchwork Hot Water Bottle Cover

It’s a bit crumpled as it had already been used before I snapped the photos!

My first try was quickly snapped up by Him in doors, I chose to use french seams for a clean look inside but quickly realised it added too much bulk on the concave seams-never mind lesson learned!

This was great for using up odds and ends of bindings strips and odd shaped bits of wadding too. So as I mentioned that one was snaffled off, so I had to make another or risk having cold feet!


Quilt as You Go Made Modern

Quilt as You Go Made Modern by Jera Brandvig



This time I decided to go to town on the quilt as you go front and dug out my book Quilt as you go made modern to brush up on the technique for smaller projects. It’s a brilliant book that I really recommend if you’re looking to try QAYG.




Quilt as You Go ProgressAfter emptying out my scrap bin I had plenty of choice cuts to work with!

I had made panels and then cut the pattern out rather than trying not to stretch the wadding with all of the heavy quilting.



Patchwork Hot Water Bottle Cover 2 Patchwork Hot Water Bottle Cover 4

I love how colourful this has finished up being! It works really well with my bed quilt at the moment too, which can only be a good thing given the rainy April weather we have had the last few days!

Crumpled quilts mean a comfy nights sleep!

A custom quilt with a boho vibe


Bohemian Quilt!

I was approached by a customer through Etsy to make a Boho style patchwork quilt with deep colours, ribbons and lace – the whole thing. She sent me some stunning images to use as inspiration, gypsy caravans, nature photography, fabric swatches and I am loving it! I won’t lie it’s taking forever and a day as its for a king sized bed but it is so different from the fabrics I normally gravitate towards it’s making a refreshing change.

I’ve chosen, mainly due to the size, to make it using ‘Quilt as you go’


Lots of star quilting

Working in panels is making getting the bulk of the quilt through the machine a lot easier than it normally is and frankly might just be saving my sanity 😉


Centre panel

Now that the centre is made and the side panels are quilted it’s time to start joining everything together and adding the ribbons and lace!

Bee Adventurous March – April

Julies Bee Block.jpg

The Postman brought Julie’s block all the way from Ruth in Sweden and apparently I was too excited by its arrival to iron the postage creases out of it before putting it up on my design wall and taking a photo – Sorry about that!

I love the colours of this, right now, mini quilt top. It is managing to be fresh and calm at the same time and with its modern prints and classic patchwork it is very much a lovely juxtaposition to work with.

After disappearing down the rabbit hole that is Pinterest I think I have some suitable ideas for additions to it. Julie has said she is happy for her quilt to grow in a more organic way than a traditional medallion quilt with its structured rounds, so I have plenty of space to play! I’ll let you low how it comes on before it goes on the next leg of its journey at the end of April.