Summer selfish sewing!

It turns out that over the summer I had taken hundreds of project photos even though I wasn’t blogging, so in an effort to avoid crashing the internet with individual photos I’ve continued to mosaic them.


Wiksten Tank dress, Tula’s 100 blocks and a whole lot of feathers!

My selfish sewing has mainly been what you can see above. At the end of the summer I joined in with the IG sew along Tulas 100 blocks, based on her pattern book 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. It was a blast to play along using up my Cotton and Steel scraps but I did have to bow out gracefully due to Etsy and Bee commitments, that said once I have a little more time only hands I’ll pick these back up and carry on as they are really fun to make.


Tula Pink 100 Modern Quilt Blocks, some of my fave blocks so far

I’ve also had a whole lot of Anna Maria Horner feather blocks taking up space on my design wall for months! I have an idea for an improv style quilt and am slowly, with the help of some bee mates, getting there with it.


Not the best photo sorry, but you can see how they are coming along :)

Not the best photo sorry, but you can see how they are coming along 🙂

Lastly is my Octopus Wiksten Tank Dress, I kind of love it! The fit is awful- all my own fault but I love the fabric so it has been relegated to a “slopping about the house with leggings on” dress and as such there are no photos of me wearing it to share hehehe!




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