A custom quilt with a boho vibe


Bohemian Quilt!

I was approached by a customer through Etsy to make a Boho style patchwork quilt with deep colours, ribbons and lace – the whole thing. She sent me some stunning images to use as inspiration, gypsy caravans, nature photography, fabric swatches and I am loving it! I won’t lie it’s taking forever and a day as its for a king sized bed but it is so different from the fabrics I normally gravitate towards it’s making a refreshing change.

I’ve chosen, mainly due to the size, to make it using ‘Quilt as you go’


Lots of star quilting

Working in panels is making getting the bulk of the quilt through the machine a lot easier than it normally is and frankly might just be saving my sanity 😉


Centre panel

Now that the centre is made and the side panels are quilted it’s time to start joining everything together and adding the ribbons and lace!


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