Bee Adventurous an Instagram bee

Instagram is great for many reasons and if you’re a regular you’ll know theres a bit of a fuss at the moment regarding how they are planning on showing our photos. A lot of quilters have opened accounts with Ello which, I think, is worth a look. You can post photos with a large volume of text so I can see a lot of people using it for blogging, it’s a little confusing to navigate at first and much easier on a computer than a phone but it does seem like a friendly community over there.

Getting back to Instagram though, I’ve joined a lovely group of ladies in a year long round robin type bee. In January I posted off a block along with a little book to accompany it on its travels. Every couple of month it will travel to a new quilter to add a round to it in her own style and by January next year it will have made its way back to me.

This is the block I sent out

My bee block.jpg

I do love a spiky New York Beauty block, I’ve already seen some of the additions made to it and I am totally in love with how it’s shaping up!

The lovely ladies I’m working with throughout the year are

Julie Blogs at Button-button

Sandra Ruby loves red

Clare Selfsewn

Rebecca Instagram page

Ruth Instagram page

Sonia Instagram page

As you can see I’m working with some amazing quilters, truth be told I’m a little blown away by the work they produce!



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