House warming!

Welcome to my new corner of the web. To my old friends thank you for following along with the move and if your new here you’re welcome to pull up a chair and stay a while.

Well what can I say about WordPress…It ain’t Blogger thats for sure! Sitting here drafting this post I’ve got more options and doodads to press than I’ve ever clapped eyes on, so it will make for a steep learning curve and some interesting shenanigans!

I’ve made the decision to start posting before I finished the final layout so over the next few weeks you should see this space become more homely with a real blog header, posts imported over from my old blog and actual regular posts *Gasp* I know, I know but given my break from blogging I actually have some things to post about. My design wall runneth over so to speak, I’m in a couple of fun sewing bee’s and I have some juicy custom made quilts I’d love to share too. So I have high hopes for regular content!

So if you’d like to follow me here I’ve set up a “Follow me” button on the top right of the screen, that allows my posts to be delivered straight to your inbox or if you use the likes of Bloglovin’ scroll through to my next post for a direct link 🙂

Pixelated heart quilt

So until I get this space prettied up here is a photo of a recent pixelated heart quilt that will be traveling off to it’s new home later on today.


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