Pixelated Heart quilt

I received an order through my Etsy shop for a custom rainbow pixelated heart quilt. It is going to be given as a wedding gift 🙂 I love knowing what happens to the quilts I make when they go out the door! 
So out came the Sizzix, and what felt like a million charms were cut. 213 to be truthful as I cut another set of two, no way I’d have done that with a rotary cutter and ruler! Him in doors was put on refolding duty as I make such a mess.


As you can see I don’t press my fabrics prior to cutting them, ’nuff said about that. 


Popped them up on my design board and played with a colour layout I loved and then added in low volume squares for the background. 


I love sewing the columns together, you can really see the pattern emerging.


Basted with 505 spray because life’s too short for pin basting right now.


As it was a custom order I had been asked to add some details, not all are shown in the photos, a little embroidery, some quilting-it was fun.


Then finally the binding, after an interesting chat on IG I think I’ll take more photos next time I bind a quilt and explain my slightly cheating method.


And finally a finished quilt.


with a sneaky look at the Nani Iro sofa quilt I’ve been making myself too 😀 

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