Sunday Sewing #5

When I started this run of Sunday Sewing posts I had intended to slot weekday posts in too but things just don’t seem to work out how we plan do they! 

My week to date has been sponsored by Kleenex and Lemsip.
 I was on a roll till Monday tea time and then things started going downhill quickly so I’ve managed to make it through to Saturday lunch time without even turning on my sewing machine! 
However Monday had been quite productive and I had made a significant dent in my Sew Sew Modern 5 partners gift. I still have the lining to add over the coming week. 

By the time today rolled around I figured I had better work on something non too challenging while I got back up to speed. My Sunday Morning quilts bee blocks have been coming in at a nice pace so I thought I get cracking with them. I’m sewing the blocks into groups of 4 then quilting them to join up later on in a quilt as you go style. 

I’ve only just realised how much the light changes in the loft looking at these 2 photos! There was about 90mins between them and the colours look totally different, I think in “real life” they look more like the bottom one.

I’m just following the pattern of the block with the quilting but find on this smaller scale its much easier then if I had a queen sized quilt to pull through the machine! 

I’ve got some big catching up plans for the week ahead, so hopefully there will be a finish to show and tell soon 😀


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