Sunday Sewing

Well I went and did it, I joined the 4×5 modern quilt bee again 🙂 I’m in hive 6 with Shanna of fiber of all sorts as our caretaker. 
I decided to go with a Weathervane block for my hive mates and got the final one finished off this afternoon.

I enjoyed playing with the fabric placement to get different effects from the block, I hope my hive mates like them! 

Once the bee blocks were taken care of I thought about tackling some more of my herringbone quilt
so with the help of Him in doors managed to get the rest of the wadding stripes cut and marked up.

I Can Not wait to get this one done and on my bed! 

Lastly today I’ve stars cutting some hexagons. 

I’ve machine stitched a few together and I’m really enjoying the process! 


3 thoughts on “Sunday Sewing

  1. Mary Menzer says:

    Good color choices on your bee blocks – Shanna is a great hostess!

    I only have one strip sewn on my herringbone, but I have all my batting cut. I'm making mine for my king size bed.


  2. Martha says:

    Your bee blocks are beautiful. I love the colors on the first one (I've been dreaming about making a quilt with those colors for some time).
    I'm really intrigued by your Herringbone quilt. I'm looking forward to seeing more progress it is going to be a stunner.


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