Sunday Morning quilts Bee and Mothersday

Around friday last week I was feeling less than stella with a sore throat and bothersome ear ache, so by Saturday lunch time it was no surprise to anyone that I was leaving work early to come home to hot drinks and my bed. I finally got back out of bed again around 2pm on Sunday afternoon, in BST no longer GMT, having lost an hour with the clocks going forward and boy did that confuse me for the rest of the day! 
I figured I’d get a little sewing done, its low impact and kind of relaxing-the sort of thing you do when you’re feeling a little rough around the edges.

I had some Bee blocks to make for the Sunday Morning quilt Bee, we are each choosing a quilt from the book to make for our month and Francesca choose “Missing U” in deep blues surrounding a brown patch.

And Kim went with “Nap like an Egyptian”

These blocks are a lot easier to make than I first thought, however a triangle ruler or a template is a must for keeping the angles right

I still have a ticker tape block to *cough* remake *cough* truth be told I made one and utterly messed it up and need to pick up some more Kona white for the background before giving it another shot! 
That was all the sewing that happened over the weekend, my triangle quilt is still sitting on the wall waiting to be sewn together and the hexies are sloooooowly multiplying while I watch tv…the problem with this is I seem to bulk watch tv then nothing for days and days! 

I thought I would finish the post off with a little showing of my mothers day gifts, my little madam gave me the most beautiful dainty pink flowers and a card. 

The flowers are now on my dressing table looking lovely and brightening my morning.

as a small side note him in doors made my favourite Sunday dinner lamb kleftiko with lemon roast potatoes while the webpage i’ve linked to has no pictures (that always make me a little sad!)  it is the best recipe I have ever had for this dish and well worth a try if you have occasion for a roast.

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