Berries, Pillowcases and Low Volume Stars on a Thursday afternoon

A sunny way to start my day this morning with a big bowl of berries! 

But enough of my breakfast and onto the sewing! 

 I had an amusing-irritating evening of sewing, it depends on how late in the evening it was after the sewing fail if I found it funny or annoying!

After years of sewing I still sew the pocket for the pillow on the outside of the pillowcase when I’m not paying attention to what I’m doing! 
After a short spell of it sitting in a corner of the sewing room in disgrace I relented, seam ripped and sewed up the seams again.

We (My not so little madam and I) were going for girlie shabby chic – she doesn’t know it yet but her bedroom may well be getting a makeover soon because I LOVE this Ikea fabric 😀 
I’ve moved onto the second pillow, this one will have a crocheted edge…in pink!

I don’t often blog fabric purchases but I really want to share this lovely bundle from Westwood Acres I joined the Inside Voices club last month and was over the moon when this little bundle landed on my mat, it is doing wonders to bump up my low volume stash! 

 I’ve been putting it to good use in my Liberty Vrs Low volume quilt top (Yeah it needs a better name) I’m now on the hunt for 12.5″ Star block patterns if anyone has a recommendation for some fun ones do let me know! 


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