A forgotten quilt

 Well a quilt I forgot to blog about! 
Madams Christmas quilt *Hangs head in shame that it’s now Valentines day and I am just remembering about it* The Bow ties went down a storm! She spent all of Christmas day under it, so I am considering that a success.

I went with the dark peppery binding and I’m really happy with how it has turned out. I, and the rest of the UK, am just waiting for some decent natural daylight to get some proper photos of it.
Just under Madams quilt you can see my own personal *made just for me* quilt peaking out. I have raided the hoarded fabrics pile finally! I made it in as stitch and flip but to be honest I was a little sad at the lack of visible quilting on the front once I had finished and bound it, so I’ve decided to chunky hand quilt in the solid linen squares to add texture and even more colour 😀 

The quilting of this one will be slow going I feel, not through lack of enjoyment, more so a lack of urgency as it’s in use, it is now on the bed in its half…ok 1/3 quilted and bound glory! 

Now totally off topic, I had to go to a training day last month at the Hilton Gateshead (and very nice it was to) when we broke for lunch I managed to nab this shot of The Tyne bridge looking to the Newcastle side – it is my favourite landmark and I wanted to share 🙂 

And back to topic 
Look what came in the post 

I will admit to getting totally swept up in the letters in this book while drinking tea and wishing I lived way back when, then thinking nope I love central heating and internet and indoor plumbing and well you get the idea.
I had to go back through the book a second time to actually pay attention to the blocks. They aren’t the sort of thing I am normally drawn to but the bug has bitten and fabrics may be on the way already so we’ll see what happens as it needs to join the end of the wish list or WIP queue.

So far sitting on the list I have, in no real order…

1. A Bright and happy Liberty vrs Low volume quilt for our bed (Nope binding still isn’t on the last one!) I have about 50% of the Liberty and a small stash of LV put to one side ready for this one.

2. Geese in the forest quilt, well it’s not going very quickly. A few blocks here and a few blocks there, I had intended to get into Geese ass kicking mode this month but that hasn’t actually happened yet…and it’s a short month. Bugger.

3.Anna Maria Horner feathers quilt, I’ve got the prints all pulled can’t work out my background fabric colour. 

4. Two crochet blankets

5. My *Made just for me* quilt, must come up with a better name, just needs the hand quilting finished

6. Steampunk quilt I bought the pattern and hated sewing curves ’nuff said really.

I think I shall take the rest of the morning and another cup of coffee to think over this list, which is a huge one for me, and see if I can break it down to more bite sized chunks! 

Hope you have a lovely Valentines weekend! 


3 thoughts on “A forgotten quilt

  1. Regina Melo-Jocknevich says:

    Hello! I saw your photos at Flickr and wanted to know your blog. I don't know how to sew at all, and maybe that's why I admire so much who knows and creates so many beautiful things. Love your quilts, and love the view of The Tyne bridge, too.


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