Lovely Log cabin Liberty

My Liberty of London goodies came and Oh My Word was I excited! 
I am “That girl” the one that gets excited about packaging 🙂 
It also tickled me that they sent the shop bag with an online order so I could give them as a gift (if I was out of my mind) to a like minded packaging fool, it makes me feel better that I can’t be the only one! 

These were nestled under a layer of tissue and I nearly tore a nail off in my rush to get them opened up.
Liberty patchwork bundles are the way forward. 

I went totally Gollum at this point. 

Pressed and hung up so I could see all the pretties together.
Once I’d calmed myself down I set to trimming them, they come fairly wonky as the photo below shows. 

It does however mean I now have a fair bit of Liberty in my scrap bin 😀
The point of the purchase (other than to pet the pretty fabric) is to make an heirloom style quilt for our bed.
A giant log cabin design is where it is all headed, under the watchful big eyes of some Blythe dolls and a hanging Santa butt.
After some thought and conversation it was agreed that the pattern is a good use of the fabric and still has the “vintage quilt” style we wanted for the bedroom.
 I am really pleased I managed to get the red centre in the cabin 🙂 
And this is how it’s been left for this evening, I can’t wait to get started on it again tomorrow after work!


5 thoughts on “Lovely Log cabin Liberty

  1. Mary Menzer says:

    I am always torn between 'Oh, I love this packaging' and 'I wish they wouldn't be so wasteful with packaging and maybe cut down the pricing' – I reuse all my bags and boxes that come too! I have yet to purchase Liberty – but I continue to pet my screen when I see it come up on someone's blog. Can't wait for your finish on this one!


  2. elsy says:

    what an exciting box….my daughter gave me a little purple bag like this stuffed with gorgeous fabrics last christmas…..coincidentally i am starting the finish of my liberty log cabin today in the glorious autumn sun…..enjoy your day too


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