A new sofa means new cushions!

On Saturday Him in doors took me to Ikea to pick up the rest of the sofa! It has been months (see this post) with the chair sitting there in the corner so as part of my Birthday weekend it was turned into a sofa, this one to be exact and obviously I need to make some cushions to go on it 🙂 

Soooo I’ve started crocheting a cushion front using this pattern from Lucy at Attic24. It comes together really quickly and I will show more once I’ve worked out how to add a fabric envelope closure to it. 
My other little purchase has been some Liberty Hexies, I figure they’ll look sweet sewn up into a cushion and add a lovely POP of colour to the sofa
I’ve also recently finished up some more fabric baskets, I made them up in two sizes to be used to give gifts in around the holidays.
They work really well sewn up in home dec weight, keeping their shape without any interfacing at all 🙂
So thats been my week, how has yours been? 


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