A fat quarter quilt

I’ve had these fabrics put together for a while now and since deciding to sew every day thought it was the perfect opportunity to do something with them.


While I was paring Tula with Joel I discovered a loft is most certainly not the place to be on a hot summers day so I decamped to the kitchen.
Yup more fabric baskets but they are another blog post!
Installing a cutting station on the kitchen bench under the watchful hinge of the armadillo bread bin (Poor thing is starving as we’ve not had bread in the house for months all it gets now are left overs to be turned into supper) 

I went with a Turning Twenty pattern as I know it off the top of my head and that was exactly what was needed, fast, hassle free, fun sewing 🙂

I then hacked and slashed the blocks into quarters and stitched them back together again, as you do. 

I managed a little of the quilting tonight and I have high hopes of having it ready for binding by late tomorrow evening, that is if Madams girlie sleep over party goes without any problems!

Please keep your fingers crossed that the girlie sleep over party goes without a hitch!

Edited to add –
Here is a link to the Turning Twenty book I have as I totally forgot to add the link when I posted!
Turning Twenty by Tricia Cribbs enjoy! 


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