Modernista Homemade{swap}~R4~Spicing up the bedroom!

I know, I know 2 posts in 1 day – whats going on! Utter madness here lol
I forgot to post pics last week of the swap package I sent out for The Modernista Homemade swap and the ensuing sewing that it inspired 🙂 Because of the nature of the swap I don’t want to give away who this package went to as the person hasn’t reported it received yet.

 My partner seemed to like simple graphic shapes so thats what I went for.

A cushion or pillow-depends where in the world you live and a fabric basket.
This is the cushion with an ill-fitting cushion pad in it as I didn’t have a larger one to hand.  HST, linen and scrappy binding featured quite heavily in faves and comment so thats what I went for, I hope I got it right! 
And the little fabric basket, made with a tutorial from Ayumi’s blog Pink Penguin 
I’ve found they are a little bit addictive…I may have made some more slightly larger baskets since this one went to it’s new home…
Three to be exact 🙂
They are just a perfect size for putting yarn in, or remote controls for game consoles or leaving at the bottom of the stairs to put “stuff” in to take upstairs later. I do wonder how the heck I’ve lived without fabric baskets in my life for so long. 
See how well my crochet fits in there, it makes me very happy as it stops ‘Bella attacking my yarn while I crochet.
I have plans to make many, many more!
What have you been sewing that you’ve found addictive to make? 

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