Building a good habit or eating chocolate and whinging – August!

I’m putting this “out there” incase anyone fancies joining in or just prodding me to keep me on track!  One of the lovely blogs I read seaside-stitches sparked my admiration with a challenge she has taken on, it’s a simple sounding challenge but one that we all know is harder to do than to say!

 sew every day Sounds simple yeah? 

Well I thought I would quietly try this through August on my own, because you just know how easy these things are if you don’t tell anyone to keep yourself motivated-yeah right! I just really want to make a dent in the ever growing list of things to make. It is now the 5th and I failed! How bad is that?!? So I’m doing what any good modern lady would do, I’m eating (slightly melted) chocolate with a cup of tea and having a whinge about it before jumping on the band wagon again!

I have sewn 4 days out of 5 so far and hope to continue through to the end of the month. Would you ladies, I don’t think any guys follow my corner of cyber space but shout up if you are, like to see sewing progress shots even though I can safely assume they will be of the above chocolate wrapper iphone standard? I hope to have a pile of finishes by the end of the month and a good sewing mojo in action rather than being surrounded by chocolate wrappers!
I will leave you with another photo, my lovely man “Him in Doors” knows I love Jo Malone so he bought me one of her candles 
I haven’t lit it yet but when I lift the lid it fills the room with the most delicious scent of wild flowers and it looks super pretty on my dresser!
 I have been totally spoilt 😀
P.S. any thoughts on the new Doctor? 

2 thoughts on “Building a good habit or eating chocolate and whinging – August!

  1. Pam says:

    I am with you on the chocolate and on the sew every day, almost, front. Candles are just not me and as far as the Doctor goes, well let us say that I remember the First one.


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