Pillow talk swap 10 received! And its awesome :D

This lovely collection of goodies landed on my mat!

 Bella automatically thinks all packages that turn up here are hers, this one simply had to be hers as it had a bow on for her to pat!
Once I had valiantly fought her off for control of the iron throne the package this is what I found inside! 
 Juli Ann had sent me this amazing swap package & I am totally over the moon with this pillow. I had asked her during the swap to send it on over to me and she did! how fabulous is that 😀
I also received a lovely Katie Daisy card, some flat flower pins (I think after a comment I made about never being able to find pins in my sewing room) and some pretty embroidery threads which I already have a plan for and it was all wrapped with a AMH ribbon bow 😀

The fabric on the back is really cool too & as you can just make out on the pic above it has a zip closure, now I know this isn’t a big deal to some people but it is to me as I seriously suck at sewing zips therefore I’m in sewing awe of anyone that can make those buggers look good. 
And finally here it is in all of its hipstermatic-y coloured perfect points fabulousness sitting in its new home, my armless armchair. 
Hope you’re having a fab week and have fun plans for the weekend!

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