Over the last month

 I’ve done a lot of house work and had a little help

Him in doors and I took a trip to Manchester to BlytheCon UK 2012 which was lots of fun! I managed to get a load of photo’s taken while we were away 🙂 

I picked up the crochet blanket I started a while back in the hopes of being a little more social with my family on an evening!
And it’s slowly growing

I discovered instagram (I know it takes me a while to catch on to these things) I’m Issabella_the_cat over there if you fancy having a look at my very blurry day by day photographic updates.
Today I got around to starting a quilt as you go quilt that will be heading to the shop once it stops growing 😀
And on Monday a man is coming to sweep the chimney so we can all get toasty warm in the sitting room on an evening with an open fire…thats a real fire…with flames…I have to treble check I’ve turned off the iron when I’m finished sewing! Any hints or tips to having a real fire in the house?


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