Anna Maria Horner quilt Finish!

My week started out with a lovely stack of Anna Maria Horner flannels.
I had a brief interlude at A&E on Friday, I must have looked horrid as I was seen in 15 minutes not 3 hours 🙂 I’m lots better now but stress is definitely not my friend.
So a chilled out weekend was in store for me, bed rest all day Saturday and some sewing today. Well I finished off the stack of flannel and wanted to take some photo’s, so him in doors took us all down to the beach and here is the finished quilt! 

I love how soft these flannels are! They remind me of the PJ’s I used to get on Christmas eve as a kid 😀
The quilt came in at an impressive 49″x39″ and is quilted on both sides of the seams. 
So while I was taking a nice chilled walk along the sea shore Him in doors was doing this – 
Sometimes I worry about him, other times I just stand back and take a photo 😀 


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