Japanese x and + swap update

The Japanese x and + block swap is going really well over on Flickr. We have a week left until the postal deadline so if you fancy popping over and joining in the fun click Here 🙂 
My own progress has been a little haphazard, however here are the blocks I’ve made over the last week
And this is my whole collection together 

Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂


11 thoughts on “Japanese x and + swap update

  1. Gmama Jane says:

    I found your blog through the small blog link-up. Although I’m a tad bit bigger at 344 followers and have been blogging since 2010, I still feel new at blogging because there’s so much to learn. I have learned however, that the quilting community is the most helpful, loving and caring group of people on the planet. In the last almost 2 yrs. I have actually made some very real friends and can’t imagine life without them in it. Blogging has been a real PLUS for me as I hope it will be for you. I’m going to become one of your followers and invite you to become one of my new followers. Also, please fill out the follow by email box and you won’t forget about me.
    Gmama Jane
    Grandmamas Stories (quilting, family blog)


  2. Collette says:

    beautiful fabrics and colours I will need to try this block out sometime now following your blog after finding in etsy quilts team – I blog too if you get a mo to take a peek x


  3. Danny says:

    You would be proud. With everything else I have going on, I was able to complete my last one and I will be sending them to you this week!! Go me! Are we still doing our names in freezer paper?


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