Spoonflower rock and a "I need sewing help" post

A small amount of back story is needed here….

A good few month ago Heather Ross had a studio sale, which I totally forgot to blog about and will at some point remember to do so I can share the goodies with you! So yes as I was saying Heather Ross + Sale basically means I’ll be there…and I was with bells and whistles on 🙂 ordered my bits and sat back happily in the knowledge that pretty fabric would be coming through my post box. Then I got an email saying sorry but everything was taking a little longer than anticipated but to make it up to people Ms Ross was reissuing some prints on Spoonflower…Hmmm yummy! So thankful for the opportunity to get some OOP fabric and a gift for him in doors all in one go I headed over to Spoonflower and ordered a couple of FQ’s (and if you believe that you’ll believe anything!) The timing was not good. Spoonflower were running an offer so shipping was lagging but I ordered regardless (Well wouldn’t you?) and I waited some more. On the 23rd of December my Heather Ross package arrived (and yes I was over the moon!) and time went on. By January I thought I had better check on the Spoonflower order, yeah I’m rather chilled about delivery times, so I emailed and a lovely response came though in under 24 hours…small reality check for me here – They are on the other side of the planet and as much as I would love to shop with them all the time I can’t or I’d be swiftly single! So these guys basically owe me not a lot. However they went beyond great and really made me smile, they ran a reprint for me and shipped it signed for. I got it, taking time zones into account, in 5 days and it was perfect. I don’t know many companies that will do that and as you guys know I like to shout about good customer service so this is me shouting a big *Thank You* To Spoonflower and incase your wondering this is the Heather Ross print I ordered 🙂
Next up is the me needing help part of the post, Hollie if you’re reading this look away now! 
People I can’t sew Yseams for toffee! I have googled and YouTubed and this is what keeps happening –
Can anyone tell me what the heck I’m doing wrong?!? I leave the seam open 1/4″ from the end, it’s the part when I’m turning the fabric with the needle down and foot up that it goes all problem child on me. Any thoughts, advice or even commiseration’s will cheer me up right now as I’m at the point of doing damage with a seam ripper! 
Hope your sewing is going better than mine 🙂

11 thoughts on “Spoonflower rock and a "I need sewing help" post

  1. Hollie says:

    Don't worry! If you find a solution please do share though. I am sure you'll figure it out and if you don't, send it back to me and I can. I don't want you to kill yourself over it!


  2. mtnquiltr says:

    I won two yards of that same fabric from Spoonflower, in the SMS giveaway, from the lovely Courtenay of mon petit lyons. I plan to make a shower curtain with it. As for your Y seams, I'm going to try some of these suggestions too!


  3. Miki Willa says:

    That used to happen to me. Then I tried it by sewing down one seam to the dot, back stitching, then pulling it out. I then fold the pieces the other way and sew from the outside edge to the dot, being careful not to catch any seams, backstitch, and pull it out. That has seemed to work for me.


  4. Shocking Hocking says:

    you have to make sure your seam allowance is open and 'fold' the excess fabric under (but out of the way of the needle) so you can match up the edges of the second 'y' seam before you sew – and make sure there is no fold between where you left off sewing the 1st side of the y seam and where you start on the 2nd. hope that makes sense


  5. Becky M says:

    hmmm… it's hard to say without seeing it person. You may have to take a fabric pen of sorts and mark it on the back exactly where to pivot your sewing. Love those fabrics though and yay spoonflower!


  6. Cindy says:

    Is the puckered seem the last one you sewed? It looks like it got caught as you were sewing toward the intersection. what if you start the seam with the needle down at the point of the intersection and sew outward?


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