Real photo’s this time

The cabin fever finally kicked in after nearly 5 weeks of not leaving the house other than to do the school run, and as promised I took the quilts for a walk 🙂
So as I also promised some un-faffed with pictures
We had a jaunt to the park with the quilts and Madam leading the way
This is partly show’s how fab “him in doors” really is, hiding behind a plastic rock (yup its plastic!?!) holding a quilt in place for photos 😀 
The binding was done on Friday and I know the sashing doesn’t line up but I love this quilt to bits. It has been named “Fairytale Forest” 
Thank you all for your advice on sewing machines it was much appreciated! I have a lovely machine all boxed up in the sewing room, that we picked up today, ready to play with tomorrow and I. CAN’T. WAIT!!!!
Expect a sewing machine review soon 🙂
Hope your weekends going well!

13 thoughts on “Real photo’s this time

  1. Megan says:

    Hi, saw your quilt on flickr and had to come and check it out. It is absolutely amazing! Did you make the pattern and if so is it for sale? I would be Very Interested in buying it if it was!!


  2. Katy Cameron says:

    Plastic rock? Uh, yeah, I could see how bereft of rocks the North East was when I was down in Sheffield at the weekend, I can see why they brought the plastic ones in… o.O

    Anywho, the diamond quilt is fab, and looking forward to reading about your new toy


  3. Sana Saroti says:

    They are all beautiful! Love the diamond one with all those bright colors! And if you hadnt mentioned the sashing not lining up I would not have noticed. I really had to search for it. it's still a beauty and you can be really proud of it. Cant wait to see and read about your new toy!


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