Free motion quilting and Lily’s small blog meet

Small Blog Meet
Hi there! 
If you have popped over from Lily’s feel free to have a mooch around and stay a while. This is my little part of the web and I try to make it a pretty one with a few giggles thrown in because honestly a laugh and a whinge does us all good 😀
Well I FINALLY got back to some sewing today and FMQ practice was on the cards. As I’ve not been able to get to the beach I figured why not go for pebbles (in a beach-esque theme!) I really like how these pebbles give loads of texture and if I hadn’t just been using up white bobbin ends I think the thread play would’ve looked quite cool too! By the way, no pebbles aren’t round on North East beaches so neither are they in my quilts 🙂
Yeah thats a lump of black fluff I hadn’t noticed when I was taking the photo.

While I like this filler it takes an age to do so hats off to you ladies that use it all over quilts!

Tomorrow my master plan is to finish up the tops that I showed off last week and to baste up some of that scrummy Christmas fabric to make some whole cloth quilts with….So not much to do there lol (Notice how the house work is no where near my list)

If anyone has any thoughts about quilting patterns for printed whole cloth quilts please do share as I’m really clutching at straws here.

I hope I’ve got a lot to show and tell tomorrow evening for the day I have planned for myself 🙂

Have a great week!


10 thoughts on “Free motion quilting and Lily’s small blog meet

  1. JanuaryT says:

    I love this pebble quilting, yours looks really great! Do I hear tutorial? I love that I found the small blog meet & found your blog. I'm a follower now!! I hope you can stop by mine as well when you get a chance. Have a great day!
    January T


  2. Annabella says:

    Your pebble FMQ is to die for – I love it but as I`m running very low on decent thread I won`t be able to try it for a while. It`s beautiful and I`m in awe of anyone who can FMQ well!


  3. Katy Cameron says:

    Love that pebble quilting effect. I've not attempted FMQ yet, but I've got 3 hours of lessons that came with the machine I recently bought, and I'm hoping to con them into showing me how to do it in that time ;o)


  4. one sassy mama says:

    Dropping by from Fresh Sewing Day/Small Blog Meet at Lily's Quilts! I LOVE your pebble FMQ! I've been playing around with free motion quilting handwriting for a patch of a baby quilt I'm working on, and I so feel like a kindergartener trying to color inside the lines! Your pebbling looks gorgeous though!


  5. Pat says:

    Love you pebbling. It does take forever to quilt with it. You should link up with Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting for Free Motion Fridays. Lots of fun!


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