Bloggers Quilt Festival

Meet Franky (Again!)
So I’m putting Franky into the Bloggers Quilt Festival, this quilt’s name comes from the fact it’s a Frankenstein’s monster from the scrap bin! How this beast started is documented here and is an utter testament to what happens when you mix wine and quilting. 720 1.5″ squares of madness later this is what I have to show for it. My inspiration for Franky was this picture from…you guessed it pinterest! I love how the little squares of colour, not much when alone, came together to create an awesome wall display and I thought “Hey I want some of that action!” 
This little quilt is being entered into the Bloggers Quilt Festival because if you had told me 2 years ago I’d make a quilt with this many fiddly itty bitty squares I would’ve laughed at you (in a nice way!) But as they say at my LQS quilting is an illness and this is the proof! 
Things I learned while making Franky
I become obsessed with each new thing I sew.
It’s ok to be proud of something you worked hard on.
Satin stitch rocks.
Don’t throw scraps away there is ALWAYS a use for them and from that…
Keep scraps better organised!
I sew faster with music on. A little Audioslave, Soundgarden and Rage against the Machine really do make the day go faster (And to anyone that knows these bands and their history you can see the musical regression as the wine bottle emptied!)
So here are some arty farty shots of Franky, I got a new iPhone app 😀
I want to live my life through a lomo lens, all retro and funky!
Franky is like a grown up fabric hoarders I spy quilt “Oh that is from Amy Butlers line” “Hey that one is a kokka one!” and so one and so on!
And finally after I made her look like Golem in my last post here is a pic of ‘Bella trying her best to look pretty while I take a gazillion photos so I can play with the new app!
As some of you know blogger has me confused 50% of the time with it’s changing things around when I’m not looking, however thankfully I figured out how to use the “drafts” feature! (Yeah I know, but it was Big Cheese to me!) This post is testament to the fact I didn’t mess it up, I typed 75% of it up last night! Go Team Me!!!!
Feel free to leave a comment about Franky, my inability to hold my wine, my *slightly* dodgy musical taste, ‘Bella or anything else you fancy then get yourself back over to Amy’s place and have a look at the other fantastic quilts on show 😀
Have a fantastic weekend

96 thoughts on “Bloggers Quilt Festival

  1. Staci says:

    This is quite amazing! I never would have thought to use satin stitch in that way. Bella is a gorgeous girl, and I loved seeing her lounging on your creation. Thanks for sharing.


  2. sunt says:

    Wow–at first I thought you had pieced tiny margins between the blocks, but all that satin stitching is magnificently epic too! I'm loving the colour gradations within each block!



  3. Lyanna L. says:

    I'm a fan of all the little squares, such a lot of work. And if that is satin stitch in between all the squares holy cow that's awesome and must have taken up so much thread/time. Great job! =)


  4. Kelly says:

    Holy cow… hats off to you for all those tiny pieces of scraps! It turned out beautifully! Maybe I should start sewing to a little Rage… I have my Glee soundtracks on repeat. LOL It tends to make the process go slower.


  5. kristastitched says:

    Geezus that is a LOT of comments! Love scraps, love wine, love ur taste in music, and that quilt is killer cool! Also Bella is beautiful! I'll be hosting an “animal invasion” link party soon, hope you'll join in on the fun!


  6. Lily says:

    I LOVE the colors! I'm a beginning quilter and thanks for the inspiration. I love the wall art that got you thinking too. And my husband is French so there's always plenty of wine around – need to mix more of it with quilting!


  7. Annabella says:

    Oh you`re a colourist just like me…so glad to find your blog as having had a quick scroll down I`ve really enjoyed what I`ve seen. I can`t believe you only recently found quilting! Frankie is very very beautiful and there`s no monster about it. What an amazing use for scraps. I`m very happy to have inspired you toward your pinks and reds and now following you will see what you get up to.


  8. Sarcastic Quilter says:

    OMG I have to tell you, the first question I was going to ask you was how much you drank before you started this and further, how much did you consume in completing it! LOL It truly looked like a “bright idea” I would get after a bit of the wine myself. Of course, YOU are far better than I am because you finished it and it's beautiful. For me, I'd have chucked the start the next morning. I just found it really amusing that you posted it started with a little wine. hehe

    Well done and it is very pretty, especially the satin stitching (and I'm just teasing about the wine). 😀


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