Hi gang
I just have to say Wowsa! To the gang thats popped over from Lily’s quilts *Waves hello* hope you ladies hang around and thanks for all the sweet comments both here and on Flickr. Issabella is preening with all of the interest in her, obviously I have a cupboard full of preening quilts too 🙂
I did get some embroidery done yesterday to ship off to my MMM partner

It was inspired by the text that Aimee Ray supplies in Doodle stitching and grew from that, I had fun looking for different fonts to use for each word, not so much fun making them all wonky or split stitching my way through all of them though! This bad girl needs posted off this week but I’m still not sure if she needs some embellishment under the “Amazing”
Well I’m off to the daily grind now but plenty of time to sew some more tonight 🙂
Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “WOW!

  1. Amorette says:

    just popped over as you left a comment on my blog- i am so impressed by this project! the colors, the font, the quote- so great! if i get into stitching, i am going to ask you for help!


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