Feeling sorry for myself

Hi peeps
My sewing exploits have been curbed over the last week due to crashing on the sofa with a rotten chest infection/head cold/snot explosion, Beautiful mental image there for you but at least theres no pics! After managing to hold it together enough to do my day job I’ve been coming home to crime drama reruns on TV, a squishy sofa and basically hiding under a quilt until its time to rinse and repeat.
My WIP list is a guilt ridden monster right now and I feel like I really should move my ass of the sofa and go work through some of it, but then I start coughing and think bugger it I’ll stay here!
So after my snotty ramblings the point of this post is to ask you lovelies if you could possibly send me some blog links to read through while I’m on my butt, its my poorly addiction lol People just don’t post fast enough when I have nothing better to do other than read blogs and blow my nose! So I need some new ones to read.
If I continue watching CSI, Cold case and Law and Order you may see some body outline quilts popping up soon!


8 thoughts on “Feeling sorry for myself

  1. Fabraholic says:

    Yes!! A murder quilt! Just lead the way; I'm following soulsister… So boring all these roses, birds and bumble bees. Yäk.
    There is still the question of weapons. Are you thinking poisons, knives, smolking colts or perhaps a spiked apple?
    I just love the thought: a murderous quilt along…Definitely; lots and lots of blood. Aaaah!


  2. Fabraholic says:

    I had to stay at home for 4 weeks because of an infection in my right arm. I just know how you feel! I saw all 5 seasons of the Wire… Now I know the f-word by heart 🙂
    If you do make a body outline, be sure I'll make one of my own. What do you think, black, white and red?


  3. Becky says:

    aww, hope you are feeling better soon. I've been getting well acquainted with my couch as well lately. I've got over 200 blogs on my list. I think if you click on my name it should take you to my info and the blogs I follow?


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